The Lakers

I hate sports. I really do…only because there is no way to really control anything about what happens. You spend your photo time hoping the star will do a slam dunk, run in a touchdown, or score that winning goal. If you line up on left side of the field or net, the pass will go the right side and you won’t get the shot.

Nathaniel Welch told me once he wanted to be a pro surf photographer and spend hours shooting barrels at Pipeline. He never made a dime shooting sports action. Nathaniel now kicks butt in New York and still claims he makes nothing! He is one of the more successful guys in New York but you’d never know it. Yet he told me never to shoot sports as you’ll spend your career waiting for that sport star to run your way or catch that ball perfectly in your eye piece. If he doesn’t, you’re done.

You can’t control fate or chance…no matter how good you are with a camera.

Many pro sports guys will tell you that you can control many of the aspects of chance but most of what takes place is random. And many of those pro photographers have strobes set up in the rafters and make their lives shooting NBA or whatnot. They also have exclusive relations with sport stars and they learn to know how these athletes will move or run.

As But the…POW! Kobe Bryant runs at the basket for a lay up and pow! I get a shot.

Made TOPIX at AP…best in show for the day or something like that. I did good for someone who hates sports. Then…


Ronny Turiaf slams one in the bucket. Either I got good or just lucky…

Headline News

I made CNN on 22 September with my well worn Superferry image. I recall the Superferry sailing into port and feeling there was a huge hesitation as local shipping monopoly scheduled a ship to sail at roughly the same time. The superferry had to sit out in the channel for some time…almost foreboding as the Superferry has received so much gruff from the locals not only on Kauai but Maui, and the rest of the state. Seems locals just don’t want change and that suits those in power.

We do seem like a backwater…

as far as the photo goes, it was big surf on the south side of Oahu so all the surfers were out. Kakaako was full of people and this guy just so happen to jump out into the picture.

I must say that I envisioned this photo. There is much to say on thinking forward and projecting the image you are looking to capture. I am learning that a pre focused idea will and does work in most cases. I did see this surfer and boat but just couldn’t get the stars to line up. I was caught off guard as the Superferry sailed quickly into port. I was on the other side of the park and had to book to the other side. Autofocus and foresight got the image in line. A burst on the trusty ol 1D MII and voila!